Old Spots Farm Training Philosophy

The development of a true partnership between horse & rider is the focus of everyday life lessons.  You are either reinforcing positive behavior or negative. The owner must be part of the training process.

Training is provided for client horses at 30 day increments with scheduled sessions for owner/riders of horses in training.

There has to be focus on both horse & rider in the learning process. When a horse receives training, the owner/rider has to learn how the horse was prepared & trained.  Without this knowledge, the opportunity for a partnership between the horse & rider can fall into jeopardy.

Without true communication and understanding, there is no foundation to build on.  It is not enough for the trainer to be able to handle & ride the horse, the owner/rider has to be able do so at some point in time comfortably and safely.

Horses are educated in a variety of disciplines with a focus on a solid foundation, acceptance of equipment, proper bending, proper balance of horse & rider, and development of true and natural gaits, not forced or obtained thru any artificial means.

Here at Old Spots Farm we focus on the horses natural ability with positive reinforcement and proper exercise.


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