Now offering lunge line lessons!  IMPROVE YOUR SEAT!!!

Horseback riding lessons, training, and transportation. Now offering lunge line lessons!  IMPROVE YOUR SEAT!!!

Phone: 860-822-1777

110 Bushnell Hollow Road, Sprague, CT  06330

Dwight & Maryann Perry      Old Spots Farm   
Dwight grew up in Rural Kentucky where Gaited Horses such as the Tennessee Walker and other 3 Gaited type breeds were not only part of his culture but a way of transportation.   He worked as a teenager in the late 70's & early 80's for some of the local trainers and knew right off there was a better way to train and treat the breed.   He started taking some of the local folks horses in  for training and used HIS TRAINING method , which consisted of teaching a horse at its own pace and letting the horse tell him when it was ready to move on.  Patience,  kindness,  good quality care, and lots of exercise.
People starting noticing his horses both at the shows and on the trail.  Dwight utilizes all natural horsemanship and NEVER uses excess shoes or devices on any of his horses or any of the horses he works with. 
Later in the 1990's Dwight geared his training more toward the family, backyard  trail and pleasure type Gaited horses , he still shows select shows that are sanctioned by FOSH if a client or rider wants to show.  But more importantly SAFETY & FUN! for both the horse and rider are  Dwight & Maryann's main objectives. 
Maryann was born with the horse virus as she calls it.  It started when she was 3 years of age when Maryann's  father put her on her first pony, it only got worst from there.   She received her first horse at the age of 12,  an AQHA buckskin gelding named "Boots"  and boarded him at the old Godard Park Barn and has since never looked back! 
She breezed TB's for  Pete Santilly/Billy Vendettuoli for the old Narragansett racetrack at the age of 16 for 3 dollars a ride  and went on from there.  She has shown AQHA with many of the local trainers in CT and  spent 10 years in Florida with some well known trainers.   She & Dwight met at a horse show of course! and have never looked back!  
 As faith would have it one of Maryann's favorite horses of all time was "Buck" a Tennessee walking horse she had in the late 1980's until the mid 1990's.  Maryann fell in love with the breed but having come from Rhode Island there was not a lot of Gaited horse knowledge available, she read every book on the breed and did everything with "Buck" you can do with a non Gaited horse. 
Then  by faith she met Dwight and it has been a wonderful union of horsemanship and shared knowledge ever since!   When you ride with Old Spots Farm you actually get 2 trainers for the price of one and 2 perspectives.   Both are firm on the fact that a good trainer is simply that,  whether it is a Gaited or non Gaited horse, the basic foundation needs to be solid before any finishing is put on the horse.  And they treat every horse and rider with the theory that they are all individuals, and need a personalized plan whether horse or human.  
 Dwight & Maryann give clinic's, lessons both Gaited and non Gaited as well as train horses. Whether it is their very first ride  or a tune up, ground schooling for babies or horse evaluation for a potential buyer.   Don't find out too late the horse is not what you need or want.   Take the guess work out of buying a new horse let a professional find out  if  a particular horse is for you.  Old Spots Farm has a full service facility which is small, quiet, and  laid back, with an emphasis on "safety" both for the horse and rider.   Dwight and Maryann specialize in the needs of the older rider but enjoy teaching all age and ability levels as well!



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